Dragon-Marked War God

Chapter 3048: The Dignity of Hun Wan Mountain

Chapter 3048: The Dignity of Hun Wan Mountain

Qian Renji did not expect Hun Wan Mountain to remain resolute in avenging his son’s death upon Jiang Chen. It seemed like it would be difficult for her to make him retreat just by using the name of Profound Connection Divine Palace at the moment.

“Jiang Chen is the top disciple amongst the new disciples and the most talented genius in the Outer Palace. Perhaps the Profound Connection Divine Palace will not start a war if you kill me, but I think they won’t let this matter drop easily if the person you killed is Jiang Chen.”

Qian Renji said slowly.

“Hahaha. Do you think I will let my son die in vain? Humph. You’re just crying for the moon. In this world, I will not listen to anyone. Even if the Palace Lord of the Profound Connection Divine Palace is here, I will still kill Jiang Chen without hesitation!”

Hun Wan Mountain was irritated by Qian Renji’s words. Apparently, Qian Renji’s plan did not work as she did not expect Hun Wan’s strong and unmovable determination. However, it was reasonable for Hun Wan Mountain to boil with rage after his son’s death if she was in his shoes. However, Jiang Chen was not as easy as he had expected.

“Well, in this case, there’s no point in continuing this conversation. Just get through me first before you do anything to Jiang Chen.”

Xue Liang stepped forward instantly, staring at Hun Wan Mountain with a cold glance. The moment their eyes met, their dreadful breath spread through the air rapidly. Hun Wan Mountain narrowed his eyes slightly. Xue Liang was the strongest among Jiang Chen’s group, he must kill him first to avoid any future troubles!

“How dare you? Late Hierarch Realm expert is considerably strong, but you are still slightly inferior to me in strength.”

Hun Wan Mountain’s face lit up with a cold smile.

“You’ll never know unless you try. I have heard of the Soul-Leaving Sect before. If your sect is exterminated today, I wonder if my name would cause a great stir in the whole Jile City.”

Xue Liang looked determined, while Hun Wan Mountain’s face turned cold and gloomy.

“You’re digging your own grave! It seems like I have to teach you a lesson today. Or else, you’ll assume that my Soul-Leaving Sect will bow down to bullies and disgrace ourselves so easily.”

“Sect Lord, it’s not necessary for you to strike out this time. We are enough to deal with this arrogant guy.”

“That is right. Don’t mess with our Soul-Leaving Sect. How dare you act recklessly before our sect lord? I think you guys are about to die soon.”

There were more than ten Hierarch Realm elders behind Hun Wan Mountain, they looked eager and excited. It seemed like they were ready to fight and were not afraid of Xue Liang and the others at all. So what if the trainer of Profound Connection Divine Palace was here? They were bound to take revenge on the people of Profound Connection Divine Palace after the death of their young Sect Lord.

“Humph. You guys are just small potatoes, how dare you say that?”

Xue Liang said with disdain.

“Hey, you are being too arrogant and reckless. Sect Lord, I am going to kill this fearless beast today to vent my frustration.”

An elder took a step forward. He looked gloomy and his eyes blazed with fury.

Hun Wan Mountain shook his head decisively.

“Just leave it to me. All the elders draw up the troops in a battle array and let the three hundred elite disciples follow me to the battlefield!”

The elder was stopped by Hun Wan Mountain. Even though this guy was no match for him, his strength should still not be underestimated. He was afraid that none of the elders could fight against Xue Liang. In case something happened, Hun Wan Mountain must have a short and decisive battle to deal with all of them within a short period of time. As for Jiang Chen, he would probably show up after he killed his friends.

“Mighty! Mighty! Mighty!”

On the battlefield, ear-splitting shouts and deafening roars reverberated in the air. Thousands of Soul-Leaving disciples surged forward aggressively. They were determined to kill Jiang Chen to show the might and power of the Soul-Leaving Sect to the world!

“Xue Liang, be careful. Hun Wan Mountain from the Soul-Leaving Sect is a tough opponent and the sect has been well-established and stood stably in the Jile City for more than a million years. Its position remains unshaken and tough, despite any external factors. It seems like they will not give up easily this time since Jiang Chen killed his son.”

Qian Renji whispered.

“Since Jiang Chen is not here now, I am going to deal with this arrogant Soul-Leaving Sect.” ÚpTodated 𝒏ov𝒆ls on 𝒏o(v)𝒆l()bin(.)c𝒐m

Xue Liang said without hesitation. He remained fearless even though he was confronting the entire Soul-Leaving Sect alone.

“Your son was not as good as Jiang Chen so he was killed, you should just blame him for not being good enough. But now you are here to stir up trouble, I’m not going to let you off easily. I’m ready to fight to the death.”

Xue Liang was full of confidence. As a late Hierarch Realm expert, his strength towered over most of them. Even the third elder was no match for him anymore. Even Hun Wan Mountain could do nothing to him at the moment as there wasn’t a huge difference between their strengths. Jiang Chen would be ashamed of him if he failed to hold them back here.

“You’re such an arrogant guy. I will make you pay a steep price. I guess it will not be too late to kill Jiang Chen after I killed all of you. Hun Wan Mountain is ready to go to war today.”

Hun Wan Mountain said in a deep voice, holding a blood-red long sword and pointing it at Xue Liang. His overbearing spirit and dreadful killing intent spread all over the place.


A smile was plastered on Xue Liang’s face, he held the Heavenly Frost Sword in his hand and surged toward Hun Wan Mountain. They were about to have an intense fight, shining with dazzling black and red beams of light. It was an inconceivable and unbeatable power.

“Watch out, Brother Bai!”

Bing Yun looked anxious. At the same time, ten Hierarch Realm experts and three hundred elite disciples from the Soul-Leaving Sect were rushing at Bing Yun and Qian Renji directly.

“You have to be careful. These people from Soul-leaving Sect are extraordinarily strong.”

Qian Renji and Bing Yun were forced into a passive position immediately. Although both of them had reached the Mid Hierarch Realm, these people were still tough opponents for them. The aggressive attack of the Hierarch Realm experts and the elite disciples drove them to the edge of a precipice which was even more dangerous.

Xue Liang was fighting against Hun Wan Mountain alone. However, Hun Wan Mountain was still slightly superior to Xue Liang in strength. He was a sect lord after all and the reason the Soul-Leaving Sect could stand firmly around the Jile City. As time went on, most of them had forgotten about the brutal and merciless Hun Wan Mountain of the past. Only those truly powerful experts remembered how Hun Wan Mountain killed thousands of people by himself. He used to be a ruthless devil which was absolutely appalling. At the same time, his incredibly formidable power had impressed the world.

“The Battle’s soul is immortal and eternal!”

Hun Wan Mountain’s long sword pointed to the sky and the deafening sound of soul was approaching Xue Liang constantly. Each sword was like a threatening weapon, and kept forcing Xue Liang to step back.

“Immortal Execution Sword Intent!”

Xue Liang struck out aggressively with an extremely terrifying sword intent. The successor of the Great Emperor was extraordinary. The Immortal Execution Sword Intent swept over the sky like the autumn wind sweeping away the fallen leaves, colliding against Hun Wan Mountain continuously. Moreover, the waves of Origin Qi were surging in the sky and most of the people were thrown out eventually.

“That is quite impressive. It is such a terrible sword intent. Unfortunately, it is still too weak compared to mine.”

“Burn it all, the Flame of Battle Soul!”

At this moment, Hun Wan Mountain’s strength had improved by leaps and bounds. The Flame of Battle Soul was raging wildly, his eyes were glittering with black light and it looked really dreadful. Even Xue Liang, who was full of confidence previously, was forced to retreat by Hun Wan Mountain at the moment. The Flame of Battle Soul was matchless and the Immortal Execution Sword Intent could hardly fight against it. Xue Liang’s will to fight was weakened and it eventually backed him into a corner.

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