Earth's Greatest Magus

Chapter 2067 Explanation

Chapter 2067 Explanation

"Bandit, Don't you dare to move!"

The tension in the air was palpable as the Utopia city guards stood firm, their weapons raised, and their expressions unyielding. Klea couldn't shake off the shock of being accused of being a bandit, especially given the suddenness of the accusation.

As she glanced towards Annara, she could see the surprise mirrored in her expression. It was clear that neither of them had expected this turn of events. Yet, Klea couldn't shake off the suspicion that Annara might have had a hand in this somehow, although she couldn't fathom why she would resort to such tactics.

Remaining composed despite the chaos unfolding around her, Klea addressed the guards with a calm yet assertive tone. "Sir, there must be some mistake. I am no bandit,"

However, her words seemed to fall on deaf ears as one of the magus among the guards stepped forward, his demeanor stern. "We will be the judge of that," he declared, his voice brooking no argument.

As frustration and confusion welled up inside her, Klea couldn't help but frown, her gaze shifting between the guards and Annara. The irony of the situation wasn't lost on her. Just moments ago, she had been the one threatening Annara with the authorities, and now she finds herself on the receiving end of accusations.

The atmosphere grew even more tense as the guards called out to someone behind them, "Is this the bandit?" seeking confirmation. To Klea's surprise, a young girl emerged from the shadows, her fear palpable beneath her silvery hair.

With a quivering voice, the girl confirmed to the guards, "Yes sir... she is the one... she suddenly attacked me and my aunt..."


Klea felt a wave of shock wash over her. She had come here out of concern for the girl, but now, seeing her standing there accusing her, she was rendered speechless. The girl turned to Klea, tears streaming down her cheeks as she pleaded,

"Please... Let go of my aunt. Why do you hate us half-bloods so much?"

Klea was at a loss for words, her mind reeling from the unexpected turn of events. She couldn't help but admire the girl's acting skills; she had managed to manipulate the guards into believing her fabricated story, effectively forcing Klea to deactivate the formations.

At that moment, another figure arrived on the scene – a powerful magus, familiar to them all. The guards immediately showed him respect, recognizing him as one of the authorities within Utopia City. For Klea, he was more than just an authority figure; he was Emery's Senior, Magus Heorgar the Demon Wolf.

Heorgar exchanged a few words with the guards, his commanding presence swiftly taking charge of the situation. The guards acquiesced to his authority, allowing him to assume control and resolve the matter. Klea watched in confusion as the situation unfolded before her.

"Senior Heorgar... What's going on? Do you know about this?" Klea inquired, her gaze filled with uncertainty as she sought answers regarding the situation involving Annara and Shinta. The Demon Wolf nodded solemnly in response. "Yes, I am currently handling it," he affirmed, his tone leaving no room for doubt.

The Demon Wolf verified the delicate nature of their situation to Klea, urging her to maintain secrecy for the time being. With a deep respect for Senior Heorgar, Klea could only nod in agreement.Ch𝒆êck out l𝒂t𝒆st 𝒏𝒐v𝒆l𝒔 on nov𝒆l/bin(.)c𝒐m

Meanwhile, Shinta's demeanor underwent a complete transformation, her expression now reflecting contrition as she elucidated the need to delay the guards until Magus Heorgar's arrival, to keep trouble from her dear 'aunt'. "I'm truly sorry, instructor," she expressed.

Klea couldn't shake off a sense of skepticism regarding Shinta's sincerity, but she remained silent, somewhat impressed by the girl's adeptness in handling the situation.

Simultaneously, Annara sported a smirk, her words laced with amusement. "I told you the truth... But you didn't believe me," she remarked, her tone carrying a hint of resignation.

With all three individuals now aligning their statements, Klea found herself with no further questions. She apologized for the inconvenience caused, excusing herself and departing from the scene, her mind swirling with unanswered queries.

After Klea left, Annara wasted no time in scolding the girl. "I told you not to come back!!" Though her words sounded harsh given the circumstances, Heorgar could discern the deep connection between the two.

Once Shinta had departed to return to the academy, Heorgar and Annara engaged in a private conversation. "You should stay in the outpost," he suggested, offering her a role in handling Zodiac matters. He believed that Annara should no longer need to remain in hiding. However, her response caught him off guard.

"Senior, while I was attempting to gather information about the academy, I stumbled upon something disturbing," Annara began, her tone serious.

She explained her familiarity with the political intricacies between the factions, and she discovered traces of her old organization within the current academy. While it was still only a minor suspicion, she felt compelled to delve deeper into the matter. Consequently, she believed it would be wise to keep her distance from the Zodiac Outpost for the time being.

Heorgar felt uneasy with this information. He was ready to interrogate Annara for further details, but despite his reservations, Heorgar's longstanding relationship with the Ouroboros faction ran deep. They had been his primary supporters in advancing his genetic enhancements for decades, and he held a certain level of trust in the Ouroboros queen.

However, being the one in charge of Zodiac security, he understood the importance of handling any information carefully. As long as Annara was willing to provide continuous reports on the matter, he was willing to let her proceed, and he even offered her any assistance she might require.

As Heorgar prepared to depart, his mind weighed heavily on another matter. "Shouldn't you tell Emery the truth?.. about the girl?"

Annara let out a deep sigh, "I have my oath, and Senior, you have yours," she replied. "We can't say anything... and honestly, I hate being caught in the middle of this awkward father-

daughter relationship." She was silent for a moment and added, "Beside, I believe he will figure it out soon enough..."


Author Note

I have read your comments and understand your concern, but please be patient for a little longer. It was never my intention to drag out the story or separate the father-daughter relationship. As a father with two young daughters myself, I find it depressing. However, I feel that both Emery and Shinta need a little space to grow between them and their new tasks; one as a student and one as a teacher. More chapters are coming soon, Thank you for your patience.

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