I Have A Sword

Chapter 587: White Robe, Plain Skirt

Chapter 587: White Robe, Plain Skirt

Curious, Ye Guan gazed at the sky. "Who?"

Su Yuan withdrew his gaze and replied, "The other two Divine Courtyard’s students."

Ye Guan's interest was piqued. "Can I meet them?"

Su Yuan shook his head. "Compete with the Inner Courtyard’s students first."

Although somewhat disappointed, Ye Guan agreed anyway.

"Alright," he said.

Soon, they arrived above a sea of clouds. On the horizon were two towering mountains separated by a vast distance. They looked like two swords standing proudly. Between their peaks was a huge circular stone platform thousands of meters wide. Thick iron chains were attached to two sides of it, while the other ends were anchored to the two mountain peaks.

Countless students from the Divine Academy had already gathered on the two peaks. Su Yuan directed Ye Guan's attention toward the distant stone platform.

"The top Inner Courtyard student of this batch will soon appear. Later, they will challenge you."

Ye Guan nodded in understanding.

As he looked into the distance, a man broke through the sea of clouds and landed steadily on the stone platform. He wore a white robe and had a long spear in hand. Even from afar, Ye Guan could feel a sharp aura emanating from him.

He was a spear cultivator. Moreover, he had reached the realm of Imperial Sovereign.

During his stay in the Old Era, Ye Guan realized that its elites were not much stronger than those in the Time River. Granted, he had not met this era's top elites yet, but he still knew that the Imperial Sovereigns of the Time River would be regarded as exceptional talents here.

His mother, Qin Guan, would soon lead an army into this place to concur with it. Hoping to understand the overall strength of this era before that, he found himself curious about this era's elites.

A sword hum suddenly echoed from afar, followed by a burst of sword light breaking through the clouds and landing steadily not far from the white-robed man. As the sword light dissipated, a lady with a cold and austere demeanor appeared before everyone. She was wearing a tight-fitting skirt.

Ye Guan was surprised. He recognized her—she was the female swordsman that he had encountered in the Past Clan! When he attempted to kill her, the Past Clan’s Clan Leader, Si Fanjing, appeared and rescued her.

He didn't expect to see her here, much less learn that she had joined the Divine Academy's Inner Courtyard.

Su Yuan turned to Ye Guan. "Do you know that swordsman?"

Ye Guan nodded a little. "We've met before."

Su Yuan then turned away, ending the conversation.

He knew that these genius individuals had complicated backgrounds, which the Divine Academy had never investigated. That was especially true for the Divine Courtyard’s students. After all, although they did try to look into their origins, their efforts ended in vain.

Of the five geniuses currently in the Divine Courtyard, the Divine Academy had secretly investigated all but one of them. However, they only managed to find surface-level information. For example, all they knew about Ye Guan was that he came from the Time River, which was like a completely different world from the Old Era.

Just then, a thunderous explosion echoed from the distant stone platform, signaling the beginning of the battle. Ye Guan's eyes remained fixed on the intense clash between the two figures, who were engulfed in sword light and spear light respectively. While observing them, he noticed that the lady in the tight-fitting skirt was showing significant improvements in her swordsmanship.

Turning to Su Yuan, Ye Guan asked, "Elder, who do you think will win?"

Su Yuan glanced at the combatants and replied, "What's your take?"

Ye Guan chuckled. "We'll find out soon. I'm curious, though. These two possess exceptional strength and talent. Why couldn't they join the Divine Courtyard?"

Su Yuan explained, "They didn't meet the criteria."

"And I did?"

"You possess three distinct bloodlines and a unique physique."

Although unsurprised that the Divine Academy knew about his bloodlines and physique, Ye Guan still fell silent.

Su Yuan added, "We're also intrigued by your combat strength."

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"A little."

Ye Guan chuckled heartily.


A surge of sword light erupted from the distant stone platform, followed by the appearance of a thousand-meter-long sword energy. The strike sent the white-robed man flying, and the powerful impact caused the surrounding sea of clouds to churn.

Had it not been for the protective array on the stone platform, their clash could have shattered the heavens and the earth.

As the white-robed man steadied himself, another wave of thunderous sword energy descended upon him.

With narrowed eyes, he deftly thrust his long spear forward like an enraged dragon fiercely resisting the sword force.


The collision shook the entire arena, causing the sea of clouds to surge like waves and disperse.

For a moment, sunlight shone down on the world.

Witnessing the battle between the two, the spectators held their breaths in awe.

The lady in the tight-fitting skirt relentlessly clashed against the white-robed man. Huge streaks of powerful Sword Intent rushed out from her, but she failed to gain the upper hand.

Remaining composed, the white-robed man continued to execute powerful spear strikes as the spear force around him became as chaotic as stormy seas.

The two had entered a deadlock.

Suddenly, the lady roared. She retracted her sword and spun, launching another attack.

Countless sword lights cascaded down. The white-robed man narrowed his eyes and thrust his long spear upward, resulting in another clash.

They had no choice but to confront each other head-on now.


As soon as their weapons made contact, countless spear and sword lights burst forth, forcing both combatants to retreat repeatedly.

Right after, like a ghost, the white-robed man vanished. His long spear then appeared before the lady in the tight-fitting skirt. Just as she was about to strike back, a terrifying roar emanated from the spear.


In the blink of an eye, a powerful blow hit the lady. Blood streamed from her seven orifices as she was sent flying thousands of meters away. Moments later, the tip of the long spear pressed against her throat.

She had been defeated.

Silence engulfed the area.


Cheers erupted from the crowd.

On the stone platform, Muyun glanced at the lady before retracting his long spear. Turning toward the direction where Ye Guan was, he declared, "I, Muyun of the Inner Courtyard, challenge the Divine Courtyard’s students."

His words thundered and echoed through the skies.

All eyes turned to Ye Guan.

Upon gazing at him, the brows of the lady in the tight-fitting skirt furrowed in surprise.

She clearly didn't expect him to be here, let alone become a Divine Courtyard student.

Both Outer and Inner Courtyard students in the arena fixed their gazes on Ye Guan. They looked curious about the enigmatic Divine Courtyard students, who were both mysterious and rumored to be exceptionally powerful.

Curiosity and jealousy swirled among the top students of the Inner Courtyard. They had never considered themselves inferior, but they lacked the qualifications to enter the Divine Courtyard. Therefore, they had always harbored a sense of resentment against those who could.

As soon as they caught sight of Ye Guan, countless Inner Courtyard students began unabashedly taunting him.

"Go," Su Yuan instructed.

Ye Guan looked at Su Yuan. "If I defeat him, can I challenge the other Divine Courtyard students?"


Ye Guan grinned. His figure then shook as he transformed into a streak of sword light and appeared before Muyun.

Muyun observed Ye Guan silently. Although he had doubts about the students from the Divine Courtyard, he was not going to underestimate Ye Guan. After all, the Divine Academy had not sent students into the Divine Courtyard for many years. Moreover, the world was full of surprises and uncertainties.

Facing Ye Guan's formidable strength, Muyun decided to give it his all.

Ye Guan glanced at the lady in the distance, who was also watching him intently.

"We're about to begin. Shouldn't you step down?" Ye Guan calmly asked.

The crowd fell silent.

The lady shot Ye Guan a cold glance before transforming into a streak of sword light and disappearing.

Once she was gone, Ye Guan turned to Muyun. "Come."

Muyun took a step forward. In an instant, a chilling light surged toward Ye Guan.

He thrust his spear as fast as lightning, catching many of those in the crowd off guard.

However, just inches away from Ye Guan, a sword suddenly appeared out of nowhere and sent sword energy toward Muyun's forehead even faster than his spear.

The sudden appearance of the flying sword caught Muyun off guard. Deciding not to hold back anymore, he roared in anger. A demonic beast materialized before him, its claws blocking the sword aiming for him.

Meanwhile, Ye Guan had already retreated ten meters away. Muyun's spear had missed its mark.

Ye Guan glanced at the demonic beast. Resembling an ape, it had muscular arms and a fierce countenance.

"Heaven-Shaking Ape!" someone in the crowd exclaimed.

In the Old Era, demonic beasts were divided into nine ranks. Above the nine ranks were the Pre-Saint, Saint, and, finally, the legendary God Realms.

The Heaven-Shaking Ape was in the God Realm.

With man and beast now merged into one, Muyun roared furiously and charged forward. As the spear in his hand surged toward Ye Guan, the Heaven-Shaking Ape gripped its handle tightly.

The thrust caused cracks to slither on the stone platform. It seemed not even the array maintaining it could withstand the force behind the attack.

On the other side, two figures—a man in white and a lady in a plain skirt—observed everything from the clouds.


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