Lord Of The World: I Become The Lord Of The Desert From The Start

Chapter 1157 629: The Final Battle, the Beginning of a New Era [12/12]

Chapter 1157 Chapter 629: The Final Battle, the Beginning of a New Era [12/12]

?Meanwhile, the players and bottom-level residents who had just ended the Battle of the Gods got tired of disputes. They all wanted to wait for a truly influential person to come out, arrange everything, and set new rules and order.

Those who knew how to end this war of gods paid close attention to Solan City and Twilight City.

They were eager to know the mighty existence that ended this war. Would Richard still be alive?


Nothingness swallowed Richard. He could not feel the passage of time. He felt like a million years had passed, but it also felt like a minute.

He vaguely heard a voice call out to him after a long time.

"Wake up, wake up…"

The war ended, and everything was about to be reborn.

"Wake up, wake up…"

The voice grew louder and heavier. That gradually allowed Richard to recover his consciousness from the endless darkness and void.

Finally, the call peaked. Richard suddenly opened his eyes.

The fragrance reached the tip of his nose. That was the first thing he knew. The incomparable warmth and comfort behind him followed afterward.

He raised his head and saw an exquisite and flawless face looking down at him with a smile.

"Chairman Windsor…"

His voice was hoarse and dry. He must have missed water in the desert for half a month.

Windsor's heart overflew with bliss. He felt both heartache and joy.

This lord slaughtered gods like chickens and sheep. Her eyes were red, like a little wife who had not seen her husband for many years.

Windsor would remember this figure who stood in front of her and had his chest pierced through to save her for the rest of her life.

She spoke in the gentlest voice.

"Lord Richard, how do you feel now?"

"I'm fine. I'm fine. How was it outside? Where are Asmodeus and the demon troop?"

"Everything is safe. There will be no more gods in this world. Asmodeus's defeat imprisoned him in the dungeon for you to deal with."

"Humans would not have to control the Ninth Hell. Devil troops fled the Mortal Plane. We could no longer train the devils into a troop who obeys orders…"

Richard was relieved.

"How are the losses of Twilight City? Had the enemies injured heroes?"

"They had destroyed most of Twilight City. They had wiped the troop out, and none survived. Only a dozen or so troop laird survived. However, we have preserved the Hero Altar and resurrected the dead heroes. The losses were heavy, but the final gains of this war were enough to make up for these losses. We can even gain more than you can imagine.

"At this moment, the whole world is waiting for you."

"Where are the residents?"

"Everything is safe. The residents stayed in Eternal City."

"How about the Ell Plane?"

Richard finally calmed down after a series of questions.

"The losses were unprecedentedly enormous. Forces have flattened Twilight City, and the previously accumulated troops were gone. But at least we survived, right?

"There would be hope for everything as long as we are alive. We would soon rebuild what the enemies had destroyed. We would give rise to these troops!"

Windsor answered and looked at him with bright eyes.

"Lord Richard, our initial wish has been fulfilled."

Richard looked at Windsor's face. He felt the warmth of her embrace. He smiled.

"Yes, the god granted our wish."

A series of noisy footsteps came from outside afterward.

Richard subconsciously turned his head and saw familiar figures.

The first person he saw was the anxious little princess of Solan City, Christy. She was usually a lively girl but calm at this moment. The war had made her lose her innocence.

When she saw him, the girl immediately revealed a bright smile.

Behind Christy was Rebecca, the current ruler of the Frostwolf Family. She occupied half of the Ice Empire. She was a girl in white armor, and concern and joy filled her eyes.

Tundel, the queen of the Ell Plane, was there also. Richard looked at Adele, Twilight City's treasure. She had become the Blacksmith Master. He was glad to see Dark Valkyrie Fay, the Vampire Breed Archduchess Loreinna, the Divine Soul Renee, the fearless veteran Xina, and the little centaur Emily. They all had tears in their eyes.

Everyone squeezed into the room.

Dark Soul Eater Kratos, the Deception God Tai Long, Karu, Gray, and Gunter waited outside the house. Heroes such as Brown were present. Outside the courtyard, the Golden Lion of Greed, God's Ancient Tree, and the Undead Dragon Hero Alves dragged their vast bodies and waited for news.

In addition, [Steamed Bun Lover], [Where's Your F*cking Italian Cannon], and a group of player representatives from the Ell Players Association were there.

The Ell Alliance and the local forces had sent several envoys.

Everyone waited for Richard to wake up.

They knew there would be a place for one as long as Richard was alive.

This war was too shocking.

Next, they would have to wait for Richard to wake up and reset the world.

Richard responded to everyone's greetings and concerns. Windsor gently told him what had happened in the outside world over the past few days.

"Lord Richard, it's time to meet those forces. From today onwards, the Mortal Plane will welcome a new order, and you will be the commander of this order!"

The girl stared at Richard with her starry eyes. Pride impregnated her eyes.

This young man would become the most influential ruler of this world!

Richard slowly sat up and started at the girl who held his arms. Then he turned to look at the beautiful figures in the room.

His mood was much better.

He was about to speak when Karu suddenly rushed into the room with a letter.

"Lord, the soldier just received a special letter. He indicated it was for you. One sealed aremarkable magical power on it. Here it is, Lord."

Richard narrowed his eyes.

'A letter for me?'

He took the envelope with some doubt. The envelope was blank. The magic on it dissipated automatically after coming into contact with him.

"What a clever trick."

Richard frowned slightly. He sensed no danger and slowly opened it. He began reading it carefully.

He stared at it for a moment. He shifted his expression slightly.

He closed the letter again after a long time. A line of remarkable words appeared on the initially blank envelope.

[To the new guardian. Until forever, Abner.]

Windsor was the closest and saw the words and immediately thought of some secrets.

She smiled.

"What did Mother God say to you?"

Richard handed the letter over to Windsor. He would want her to read the letter. Windsor did not stand at the ceremony. She read softly afterward.

"The guardian's inheritance is in the second mountain range of the Elf Forest..."

Windsor continued to read. Richard left her arms and slowly stood up.

He turned to look at the heroes in the room and smiled.

"We have a new journey..."

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