Martial Peak

Chapter 5873 - 5873, Double the Impact

Chapter 5873 - 5873, Double the Impact

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Countless Black Ink Clan miscellaneous troops were stationed along the outermost edges of the No-Return Pass, and their numbers were overwhelming in every sense of the word. This formation was the most commonly used tactic by the Black Ink Clan.

Throughout the years of constant conflict with the Human Race, the Black Ink Clan often relied upon the sacrifice of their cannon fodder to shave away at the strength of the Humans at the outset of battle; after all, they could spawn as many of these miscellaneous troops as they wanted as long as they had Black Ink Nests and resources. That was why the Black Ink Clan remained unaffected by the deaths of these troops, no matter how many of them died.

Besides, the existence of the cannon fodder could do more than just wear down the strength of the Human Race Army. Following the deaths of the countless lower soldiers, the Black Ink Strength in their bodies would permeate their surroundings and gather together to form dense Black Ink Clouds. It was equivalent to artificially creating a battlefield that was advantageous to the Black Ink Clan. Fighting under such circumstances was undoubtedly disadvantageous for the Human Race Army, but the Black Ink Clan took to such conditions like how fish took to the water.

In the past, the Humans used to be greatly hindered by this tactic and suffered heavy casualties as a result; fortunately, they had the Purifying Black Ink Pills and Purifying Light nowadays. The existence of the Purifying Black Ink Pills and Purifying Light drastically reduced the deterrent effect of these tactics on them, but they could not ignore the detrimental effects completely. There were bound to be some remaining effects from fighting the Black Ink Clan under these conditions for extended periods.

After the first volley of fire from the Human Race Army, countless Black Ink Clan troops were blasted into a cloud of blood mist and the entire periphery of the No-Return Pass facing the Black Ink Battlefield was gradually covered in Black Ink Strength.

When the Human Race Masters launched their offensive, the Black Ink Clan Masters in the No-Return Pass were busy intercepting the Universe Worlds that came hurtling down their centre. One after another, the Universe worlds were blown apart into Fragments of varying sizes that still hurtled towards the No-Return Pass. The scene was a huge mess.

Fortunately, the Human Race Army had prepared many Universe Worlds; moreover, they did not pack them too closely together. Despite suffering some losses, the damages did not affect the overall situation. Nevertheless, more than 50 of the Universe Worlds were destroyed in the blink of an eye. At this rate, the Universe Worlds would all be completely destroyed before they could even cause any damage to the No-Return Pass.

But how could the Humans simply allow the Black Ink Clan to do so?

The Black Ink Clan’s cannon fodder stationed around the outermost edges of the No-Return Pass suffered heavy casualties, and enormous gaps soon appeared in the defence line that they formed. Although a steady stream of these miscellaneous troops rushed forward fearlessly to replenish their lines and fill the gaps, the reinforcements could no longer keep up with the speed of the losses.

The Human Army steadily approached from opposite sides; in addition, the continuous barrage of Secret Techniques and artifacts that blasted out of the huge fleet and shot in the direction of the No-Return Pass forced the Black Ink Clan to rely on the Black Ink Giant Spirit Gods to intercept the attacks.

Looking down from outside the battlefield, the scene of the war was extremely magnificent. Both the Black Ink Clan and the Human Race had made extensive preparations for the battle. Numerous attacks containing violent and destructive power rose from their respective camps only to fall towards the opposing one. The battle was in full swing.

Many Masters from the Black Ink Clan were being increasingly restrained by the forces of the Human Race Army that were closing in, so they could only watch as the hundreds of Universe Worlds and Fragments approached the No-Return Pass. The sight left them feeling powerless and anxious.

At this moment, Mo Na Ye was inside the No-Return Pass. He was simultaneously summoning various Secret Techniques to intercept the attacks from the Human Race Army and monitoring the movement of his surroundings with his Divine Sense. Despite his calm demeanour on the surface, he was actually wracked with anxiety for one simple reason: Yang Kai was gone!

When the Universe Worlds came flying towards the No-Return Pass, Yang Kai had been standing atop the biggest one leading the way. Be that as it may, he had vanished without a trace after the Universe World was smashed to pieces by the combined forces of the Black Ink Clan.

Yang Kai’s sudden disappearance sent a chill down Mo Na Ye’s spine.

Unknown dangers were the most terrifying, especially when a Master like Yang Kai was involved. It would not be a good thing for the Black Ink Clan if Yang Kai concealed his figure and aura, then took advantage of the chaos to infiltrate the No-Return Pass.

After a quick look around, Mo Na Ye was relieved to see that many of the Pseudo-Royal Lords were still following his previous instructions and arrangements. The Pseudo-Royal Lords were in Three Fortunes Battle Formations, which allowed them to guard each other’s backs. In this way, they could protect themselves to a certain degree if Yang Kai suddenly appeared and launched a sneak attack on them.

As for the Territory Lords below the Pseudo-Royal Lords… There was no helping them. They could only blame their poor luck if they were targeted by Yang Kai. With Yang Kai’s current status and cultivation, while he might not even care enough to specifically target these Territory Lords, there was still a possibility that he would eliminate them in passing.

The ongoing battle remained unchanged. Although the Black Ink Clan suffered heavy casualties, their losses mainly came from the ranks of their cannon fodder while the Masters were mostly unharmed.

On the other hand, the Human Race also suffered some degree of loss. Some of the Warships out front had been damaged, and a few were completely destroyed. Of course, there were casualties among the soldiers too.

Be that as it may, Mo Na Ye was not optimistic about the situation. Anybody with a discerning eye could see that Humans had carefully planned and prepared their attack today. The Black Ink Clan was bound to pay an expensive price in this battle.

The Human Race Army rapidly closed in on the No-Return Pass from both sides, and the hundreds of Universe Worlds flying forward approached the No-Return Pass at a high speed. These Universe Worlds were constantly being blown up as they closed in. It was fortunate that the Eighth-Order Masters controlling these Universe Worlds quickly noticed the danger and escaped beforehand. If not, they could not have defended themselves from the dense storm of attacks raining down on them.

Ultimately though, the Black Ink Clan found themselves lacking the necessary numbers to handle the situation. Even though the Black Ink Clan desperately tried to defend themselves, they simply lacked the manpower to face both the Human Race Army and the Universe World attack at the same time.

An hour into the confrontation, one of the Universe Worlds finally broke through layers of heavy blockades and slammed into the Black Ink Clan’s outermost line of defence. At the moment of collision, the Spirit Arrays arranged on the Universe World suddenly blazed with light and illuminated the entire sky like a great sun. The spectacle was immediately followed by the grand explosion of the Universe World, which detonated with a terrifying force. It could be seen that the power of the Spirit Arrays was impressive indeed.

It only took a moment for the Black Ink Clan soldiers in the vicinity to be wiped out completely. Even a few of the Territory Lords staggered backwards from the force of the explosion. Meanwhile, the auras of many Feudal Lords vanished from existence.

The expressions of many Black Ink Clansmen changed at that sight as they gained a new understanding of their predicament. These Universe Worlds hurtling towards the No-Return Pass did not just contain enormous momentum but were also covered in various dangerous Spirit Arrays. That was what made these Universe Worlds even more terrifying. Unfortunately, their realisation came too late. After one Universe World broke through the Black Ink Clan’s defence perimeter, a second and a third quickly followed…

Although the majority of the Universe Worlds were destroyed en-route, the Human Race Army was extremely well prepared. In fact, they even went so far as to exhaust all their remaining resources just to arrange the Spirit Arrays on so many Universe Worlds.

The places along the line of defence that were struck by the Universe Worlds were in complete disarray. There were countless casualties, and several spots now had wide gaps in them. Hence, the Black Ink Clan Masters nearby were rushing to restore the defence perimeter to hold the line.

Nevertheless, this was just the beginning!

At this point, the true power of the Human Race Army had yet to be displayed. The previous exchange had merely been a long-distance confrontation, and the attack relying upon the collision of the Universe Worlds was simply borrowed from external forces. The power of the Humans itself remained hidden from sight.

Mo Na Ye’s heart sank! Before the war began, he had already mentally prepared himself for the fact that the Black Ink Clan would suffer considerable losses; however, it would now seem that they were going to take far more casualties than he originally expected.

All of a sudden, he turned his head to look in a certain direction. Three Pseudo-Royal Lords were standing along the line of defence in that direction. They had formed the Three Fortunes Formation and were working together to attack one of the incoming Universe worlds.

This Universe World had almost made it to the defence line at this point. Just as the Universe World was about to collide with the outermost perimeter, it was abruptly stopped and exploded thanks to the joint attack of the three Pseudo-Royal Lords. The huge impact unleashed a shockwave that caused ripples to spread out across the void in all directions, and the figures of the three Pseudo-Royal Lords involuntarily staggered from the resulting aftermath.

“Watch out!” Mo Na Ye’s furious roar suddenly rang out in the ears of the three Pseudo-Royal Lords.

Their reaction was undeniably swift. Almost at the same time that Mo Na Ye shouted his warning, they drew upon their respective power and blasted their strongest attack in a certain direction.

In that direction, a figure suddenly emerged from the space that was originally empty. It was none other than Yang Kai, who had gone missing previously.

Nobody knew how Yang Kai had infiltrated the defences of the Black Ink Clan or when he had appeared at that position. After his three Selves united, he successfully mastered Thunder Shadow’s Innate Divine Ability which gave him an unmatched advantage in terms of concealment. Only a Royal Lord could perceive his movements and whereabouts within a limited range.

If the Pseudo-Royal Lords had investigated their surroundings wholeheartedly, they might have had a chance to notice his approach; unfortunately, it was impossible for the Pseudo-Royal Lords to see through the traces of Yang Kai’s movements under such chaotic conditions. The chaos had created the perfect conditions for Yang Kai to hide in.

Therefore, it was not until he made his move that the three Pseudo-Royal Lords noticed his presence. Mo Na Ye’s warning had sounded at roughly the same time. When the sound of the surging river entered the depth of their hearts, the three Pseudo-Royal Lords involuntarily gulped nervously as a wave of fear washed over them.Findd new 𝒔tories on nov/e(l)bin(.)com

Yang Kai’s achievements in E-5 Territory had long since spread throughout the No-Return Pass. At this point, not a single Black Ink Clansman remained ignorant about that tragedy. A total of eight Pseudo-Royal Lords had died at Yang Kai’s hands, all thanks to the mysterious Dao Strength River he possessed.

As the saying went, ‘A lesson from the past was a guide for the future’. The deep-seated fear of Yang Kai experienced by these three Pseudo-Royal Lords could be said to come from the bottom of their hearts.

Accompanied by the sound of roaring water that resounded throughout the void, the Dao Strength River appeared and swept towards the three Pseudo-Royal Lords like a flood. It was natural to try to avoid such attacks as soon as possible under normal circumstances; after all, they would never recover if they were caught in the currents of the Dao Strength River.

Unexpectedly though, the three Pseudo-Royal Lords did not dodge the attack immediately; on the contrary, their fighting spirits seemed to awaken at this juncture of life or death. The aura that was closely connected between them became increasingly solid as a result as they swiftly blasted out a continuous barrage of attacks at the Dao Strength River sweeping towards them.

The Dao Strength River, which was relatively calm in the beginning, abruptly churned violently. As the bombardment from the Pseudo-Royal Lords intensified, the waves of the Dao Strength River swelled to greater heights.

Yang Kai, who was holding the Dao Strength River in his hand, involuntarily gave a muffled grunt. At the same time, the strength of his offensive weakened considerably as a result.

Seeing that, the three Pseudo-Royal Lords were overjoyed as they also secretly felt a sense of admiration and respect for Mo Na Ye. [Sir Mo Na Ye is a hero indeed! His instructions were indeed an effective method to counter Yang Kai’s Dao Strength River!]

The truth was that Mo Na Ye had taught the Pseudo-Royal Lords various methods and strategies to counter Yang Kai’s Dao Strength River after the battle in E-5 Territory. Not only did he confront Yang Kai inside the Universe Furnace, but he was also swept into the Space-Time River by Yang Kai once and broke free from its restraints thanks to various circumstances. That was why he had a certain degree of understanding regarding the Dao Strength River.

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