The Medical Guru

Chapter 1938 - 1938: The One Most Likely to Break Through to Divine Doctor!

Chapter 1938: The One Most Likely to Break Through to Divine Doctor!

One time.

As the content of the test that Fang Qiu had received spread, in the vast majority of the Chinese medicine community was shocked, and as most of the great doctors began to study this topic behind closed doors, some of the teachers of the Chinese medicine schools, one after another, stopped the lessons at hand and began to talk about the formula, the Vitalizing Efficacy Spirit Pill.

One of the biggest reactions was from the Jiangjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

“Everyone put your textbooks away, we’ll start today with a formula.”

Inside a large auditorium packed with students, a famous professor of traditional Chinese medicine, facing the students who occupied the auditorium entirely, quickly moved his hand and wrote down the formula of the Vitalizing Effective Elixir on a movable blackboard on the podium.

“Why do you speak of this formula?”

“It’s just a prescription, what’s there to talk about?”

“That’s right, and it’s still such a simple prescription, there are only four herbs inside the whole formula, as long as it’s a blood Chinese medicine practitioner, there is not a small amount of knowledge about the four herbs, right?”

“Better give us a lecture, this one prescription won’t finish a lesson.”

The students were puzzled and out of breath.

Because they were still students and hadn’t formally entered the Chinese medicine world, these students didn’t have an account with the Chinese Medicine Forum of Huaxia, so they didn’t even know what was going on inside the Chinese medicine world.

Most of them are very concerned about the business to the other side of the mound of the examination, but their attention can only stay in the microblogging, but now the microblogging, but half of the news.

Therefore, people simply don’t know the significance of this formula. Nêww 𝒄hapters will be fully updated at (n)ov(𝒆)l/bin(.)com

“Do you know why I am telling you about the formula, Revitalizing Efficacious Elixir?”

The teacher looked at the reluctant students and couldn’t help but explain with a bitter smile, “This formula, is the title of the Holy Doctor who came out to test the school Fangqiu, are you sure you don’t want to hear it?”

The words came out.

All the students inside the auditorium were shocked.

The face that was originally still unhappy immediately sprang up with a color full of shock.

“This formula, it’s actually an examination question that the Sacred Doctor came up with for Fang Qiu?”

“What’s the test for such a simple formula?”

Shocked, the students murmured.

“Can’t imagine, can you?”

The professor looked at the students and smiled slightly before opening his mouth to say, “This is the examination question that the Zhuge Sage Doctor from Kyoto has issued to Fang Qiu, the content of the examination is to treat one hundred patients with the formula of the Vitalizing Effective Spirit Pill as the main focus with the addition and subtraction of medicinal herbs.”

Everyone listened.

At once, all were shocked.

“Crap, what kind of divine exam question is this?”

“That’s too hard, isn’t it?”

“Just this one formula, can it cure a hundred patients, it can’t be that a hundred patients all have the same disease, can it?”

“It’s not bad that the Sacred Doctor made the exam questions, if this were on our midterm and final exam papers, would our school not be completely wiped out?”

“Fang Qiu is so powerful, can he pass?”

“Professor, so did Fang Qiu pass this test?”

Students have been asking questions.

“It’s on the test right now.”

The professor smiled and said to the students, “Alright, while Fang Qiu is participating in the examination, let’s have a good explanation of the formula, Vitalizing Efficacious Spirit Pill, and see what’s so special about this formula.”


The professor began to explain, and the students all quieted down and listened carefully.



Private hospital on the outskirts of the city, in the lobby of the clinic building that is not open at the back.

The diagnosis of one hundred patients still continues.

Sitting in front of the diagnostic table, Fang Qiu had completely fallen into a state of madness.

In the case of seeing patients one after another, prescribing prescriptions for them, and adding and subtracting various medicines based on the patient’s condition, Fang Qiu realized that his understanding of all the medicines had gradually become even more profound than before.

Because, for every patient he sees, he has to go through many kinds of medicines in his head.

To treat arm pain, you can add forsythia; to treat leg pain, add hyssop; women’s bruises and abdominal pain, add peach kernel, raw five lingzhi; sores red and swollen belong to the heat evidence, add honeysuckle, motherwort, forsythia; sores white hard belong to the cold evidence, add cinnamon, antler gelatin; sores can not be healed after the break, add astragalus, motherwort, licorice; viscera carbuncle, add Panax ginseng, burdock seed.

One kind of one kind of medicinal herb continuously flashed past Fang Qiu’s mind.

Each passing herb.

Fang Qiu then had a sense of satisfaction in his heart, a sense of getting satisfaction.

Watch one, then the next, then on and on and on.


Not knowing how long he had been watching, Fang Qiu, who was sitting in front of the diagnostic table, once again thought about the understanding of the drug he had gotten from the last patient, while opening his mouth and shouting.

However, after the shouts fell, no one remained seated at the consultation table for a long time.

In Doubt.

Fang Qiu looked up to check.

It was found that all one hundred patients inside the hall had already been seen.

This situation made Fang Qiu unable to hold back a bitter smile.

It had only been a short while since he had fallen into this self-learning madness, and it was amazing that all of these hundred patients had already been seen, this was just too disruptive.

“Ha ha.”

Seeing the bitter smile on Fang Qiu’s face, the Sacred Doctor Zhuge Yan, who was sitting on the side, immediately let out a loud laugh and said, “Get some rest, come to my home tomorrow and I’ll tell you the results.”

Xu Miaolin, who had been waiting on the side for a long time, took the initiative to come forward.

“Come on, the hotel is open.”

Xu Miaolin said with a smile.


Fang Qiu nodded in understanding and stood up, taking off the white coat on his body, then reached out and rubbed his temples while following behind Xu Miaolin, walking towards the outside of the hospital.

Just as he stepped out of the hospital doors, a special car pulled up in front of him.

The two of them got right into the car and left.


This way.

After Fang Qiu and Xu Miaolin left, a slightly chubby middle-aged man walked down from the second floor of the hall, coming all the way to Zhuge Yan, who was sitting at the consultation table.


The middle-aged man cupped his fists and bowed to Zhuge Yan.


Zhuge Yan smiled and nodded.

This middle-aged man was obviously much older than Fang Qiu.

It was hard to imagine that Sacred Doctor Zhuge Yan’s disciple would be a middle-aged man, and it looked like the time when Sacred Doctor Zhuge had taken on a disciple should have been very early.

“How does it feel?”

Zhuge Yan looked at his disciple and asked.

“Should be the future head of the Chinese medicine industry!”

The middle-aged man said.


Zhuge Yan nodded and sighed, “Xiao Xu has found a good student, perhaps this Fang Qiu is truly the one most likely to break through to become a divine doctor.”

When these words came out, the middle-aged man was instantly shocked.

Most likely to break through to become a miracle healer?

That’s a miracle doctor!

Which of the four great saint doctors of China today did not spend all of their life’s time and energy on Chinese medicine to get to this point, even Xu Miaolin was in his middle age when he became a saint doctor.

Using the four Holy Doctors as a reference point to compare, to break through to become a Divine Doctor, it could almost be said to be a pie in the sky!

After all these years.

Zhuge Yan had never mentioned divine doctors because even he himself felt that it was almost impossible for anyone in this world to break through to become a divine doctor.

But today, he said such a thing?


That guy called Fang Qiu was really deeply shocking to Zhuge Yan.

The other side.

Chinese Medicine Forum in China.

After learning that Fang Qiu had precisely begun to undergo Zhuge Yan Sacred Doctor’s examination, everyone on the entire forum was in a flurry of heated discussions, focusing all their attention on this matter.

Everyone is waiting to see the results.

All of them wanted to know whether Fang Qiu could pass Zhuge Yan Sacred Doctor’s examination or not.

Because the content of the test was to treat a hundred patients, everyone also understood that the results of the test would not come out easily, so everyone was not in a hurry.


Just as everyone’s anticipation was immense, topping the heat of the Chinese Medicine Forum of China again and again, a piece of news suddenly arrived.

“The test is over and the results will be announced tomorrow.”

See this message.

On the Chinese Medicine Forum, everyone exploded.

“Crap, are you kidding me?”

“I nima, the examination has ended, you girl told me the results to be announced tomorrow, this is the field examination, it is difficult to not also need to read the examination paper not?”

“That’s right, isn’t the result of the on-site examination obvious, why do we have to wait for tomorrow?”

The forums are full of people spouting off.



The Chu Sage Doctor, who was also keeping an eye on this examination, couldn’t help but let out a cold snort when he learned that the examination was over but the results were to be announced the next day, but a smirk surfaced on his face as he said in a low voice, “Steady on, Zhuge Yan, this old fellow, just likes to rub people’s natures in the wrong way.”

He knew that if it was a failure, Zhuge Yan would have definitely said so directly after the examination.

The reason why they waited for a day was that they wanted to take this opportunity to sharpen Fang Qiu’s temperament.

Jiangjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Fang Qiu’s fellow classmates were also paying attention to the results of this examination, nay they simply had no access to the door, and were completely unable to find out, how the examination had actually gone.

On the contrary, Zhu Benzheng, Sun Hao and Zhou Xiaotian three people, because of the sake of following Zhao Shanlin teacher’s ass, dipped in Zhao Shanlin teacher’s light, learned of the existence of the Chinese medicine forum, but also their respective submission of information, would like to register an account, but found that there is no qualification certificate of medicine or Chinese medicine qualification certificate, simply can not be registered.

In desperation, the trio could only check the messages through Mr. Zhao Shanlin’s account.

When they learned that the examination was over and the results would be announced tomorrow, the three of them were very worried for Fang Qiu in their hearts, fearing that a prolonged delay would be bad for Fang Qiu.


The news that the second Sacred Doctor’s examination that Fang Qiu had undergone had ended and the results would be announced the next day was also spread to Weibo by some people in the Chinese medicine industry, attracting widespread attention.

Many people who cared about Fang Qiu, after learning about this news, all of them were worried about Fang Qiu, and many of them didn’t even sleep well all night.

Fang Qiu, who was in the presidential suite of a luxurious hotel in Kyoto, was sleeping particularly well.

Only saw a hundred patients though.

But because of the fact that every patient he saw needed to spend a lot of time thinking about it, it caused Fang Qiu to be particularly mentally exhausted, so after returning to the hotel and taking a shower, he went straight to sleep.

A good night’s sleep took me into the early morning of the next day.

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